Air & Sea Freight

When you partner with Keywest, you’ll have access to over 20 years of logistics expertise behind your shipment. A varied range of cargo services for shipments over 70kg, no matter how you ship it – land, sea or air – you’ll have everything on time and on budget.

Let us take care of your high-value, time-sensitive domestic or international shipments.

Think consistently meeting your freight deadlines. Keywest Logistics Agency provides you with global freight services that’s reach major business centres around the globe.

We combine vast experience, a vibrant global network and extensive solutions and support – designed to deliver on your demanding supply chain needs.

Our air freight pipeline consists of carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules on all major routes enabling certainty in delivery times. We offer a wide range of flexible products.

Sea freight instead? We have solutions for that too. Reap the benefits of worldwide capacity, reliable sailing times and competitive rates to get your shipment where it needs to be. Our solutions connect carriers, ports, customs, road, rail service providers.

Our FCL option provides cost-effective, efficient, safe, and reliable freight solution globally. We use various equipment to offer tailored solutions for all kinds of shipments.

Keywest ensures efficient execution of bookings, and monitoring of orders. This includes the arrangement of pre and on-carriage by all means of transport as well as customs clearance services.

Operating as part of a global network, we provide service to more than 5,000 point pairs with around 600 scheduled sailings per week in and outbound major ports and inland points. Managed end-to-end by network experts to ensure predictability in our client’s supply chains.

To have the most efficient and cost-effective logistics in place, we first identify critical shipping needs. Not all items are equal as far as temperature stability, speed and/or security requirements.

We distinguish perishable items from those that are not. The more influence temperature has on an item’s stability, the more of an impact it is likely to have on the overall cost. For less sensitive items, standard shipping options may be appropriate (and more practical). We recommend a tailored logistics approach for high-value items.

This service meets the needs of customers with large non-containerized cargo who need to charter vessels to transport their goods, guaranteeing capacity and delivery times. Health, Safety, Security and Environment is integral to this service and all carriers are vetted and pre-approved.

Great for you

Enjoy our range of time-specific options from economical routing, delivering reliability at the speed you need. This includes absolute flexibility over delivery choices, which further allows you to customise your freight.

We’re constantly working to evolve the value proposition of real-time. Inserting real-time insight into your supply pipeline via our solutions can be the saving grace for your planning in leveraging efficiency and productivity.

The rise of Industry 4.0 must be accompanied by the emergence of Logistics 4.0, a bold new transport logistics solution that promotes visibility, flexibility, and reliability by offering all stakeholders access to real-time, continuous planning figures and dynamic route, tour, and capacity management plans.