Clearing & Forwarding

Export-import procedures can be complex and time-consuming. As a result, every exporter should avail the services of Clearing and Forwarding agents, experts versed with customs and shipment procedures.

For smooth and timely shipment of your goods, appoint Keywest Logistics Agency, we’ll inter alia, and provide comprehensive solutions.

As depicted freight forwarders and customs clearance agents, we know the rules and regulations that vary from country to another and the heightened security and awareness that have evolved from certain initiatives and measures, necessitating knowledgeable and reliable partners who have full focus on compliance and cost effective solutions. Especially in the more challenging parts of the world.

Eliminate the worry of moving through customs and across borders by using the expertise, scalability and technology of one of Kenya’s best customs brokers.

Our pro-active export services team helps cut red tape, navigate the latest regulations, minimize paperwork, expedite transit, and lower your costs, while providing truly personalized service. You can be confident that our comprehensive export and import services get your goods and products where they’re needed, fast, efficiently, and with no stress to you at all.

A dedicated Import/Export specialist, in collaboration with our worldwide network, works with you to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time.

Great for you

Leave the heavy lifting and paperwork to us. Our established relationship with shipping lines, air and land transportation including rail services, trucking, and shipping ocean liners, we have complete solutions that suit your needs.

You can rely on us for timely shipping and safe delivery of your cargo.

We take a hands-on approach, learn your products, needs and processes in order to meet and facilitate your requirements and initiate and implement Standard Operation Procedures designed and suited to you to ensure smooth delivery of our services and without delay.