Custom Requirements

Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all approach to logistics is good enough to meet the exacting standards of every shipment. Our customised shipping solution addresses requirements for shipments that may require specialised packaging and handling, these include loads like artwork, delicate medical equipment and other sensitive rush items.

Our nimble, individualised service operates with the specific goal of handling sensitive cargo.

An optional service you may require is additional security measures for your supply chain. Though not necessary for all shipments, shipping valuable or sensitive material, additional security can offer peace of mind by minimising security risks and blind spots.

We specialise in minimising risks when planning, routing and executing and have access to a security team for protection of high-value goods.

Need parts for your assembly line? Dwindling inventory levels? Sensitive shipments requiring temperature controls? Unexpected shipping emergencies? We have a solution for you.

Great for you

Complex shipments often require a variety of modes of transport as well as a host of logistical consideration to ensure that your shipment adheres to the appropriate time line and budget.

At Keywest Logistics Agency, we have extensive experience with providing customised logistics solutions to ensure just that, no matter the shipment, we get it to its destination on time and in one piece.